Season One Episode Seven - Off the Beaten Path Roman Sites

February 2, 2018

So by now, you have probably realized that we have spent extensive time exploring Rome and because of that we have discovered some really cool off the beaten path sites.  Today we are sharing those sites with you, their history and how to get there.  Below we also have the directions to all of these sites as well:


The Protestant Cemetery:

How to Get There: Take the Metro Line B to Piramide and then walk down Via Marmorata past the pyramid of Gaius Cestius and you will find the cemetery on your left.


The Aventine Keyhole:

How to Get Here: The keyhole is fairly simple to get to. You just have to walk up the Aventine Hill which is located between Testaccio and the Circus Maximus. It is located on Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta and it is on the side of the Aventine Hill that is closest to the Tiber.


Centrale Montemartini:

How to Get Here: The easiest way to get here is to take the Metro Line B to Garbatella and then walk down Circonvallenzione Ostiense and then the museum is just on Via Ostiense.


Ostia Antica:

How to Get Here: Take the Metro Line B to Piramide and then while in the station catch the Ostia Lido train - you do not need to buy an additional metro ticket. This is also the train to the beach.  Get off at Ostia Antica.  Cross the pedestrian bridge and keep walking straight.  The entrance to Ostia will be at the deaded of the road.


Scarlet Ladies Tour:

Check out the tour here

And more of Massimo's tours here


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Season One Episode Six - The Negroni

January 18, 2018

The Negroni has very quickly become one of our favorite Italian cocktails.  Join us as we dive into the Negroni from what it is, its history, and all the many variations.  Plus you might hear a few Negroni drinking stories!


If you want to try the Negroni in the photo above be sure to visit Cafe Maurizio in Bologna.  This bar makes a killer Negroni and its a popular spot with the local theater community so you will be sure to run into some characters!  


Season One Episode Five - Bolognese

January 4, 2018

Sorry for the radio silence the past month between our travels to Europe and Africa and the holidays this little old podcast was delayed until after the holiday madness.


We hope you guys have already given up on your healthy eating New Year's resolutions because today we are talking all about one of our favorite pasta sauces: Bolognese.


This humble meat sauce is so much more than that watery-tomato sauce with ground beef you may be thinking of.  Listen in as we discuss what makes Bolognese well, Bolognese and more importantly what Bolognese is not.  


Also, we are headed to Bologna tomorrow (aka the home of Bolognese)!  Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (PursuitAdventur) and Instagram and see how we really do plan on eating our weight in Bolognese :)  



Season One Episode Four - Live Local in Rome, Our Experiences Living in the Eternal City

November 30, 2017

In this episode, Alex and I get personal and discuss what it was truly like to live in Rome for a cumulative of six and a half years.  We dive into all the reason why we love it but also discuss the low points of living in the Eternal City.


We certainly have a love-hate relationship with Rome!  


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Disclaimer:  A lot of these stories that we tell in this episode have been naturally embellished over the years of telling them.  Don't take our word for the Italian visa and permesso process.  If you truly want to find out how to apply for a permesso di sogiorno head to your nearest Italian consulate!  


Season One Episode Three - Introduction to Italian Wine

November 27, 2017

Italian wine is notoriously confusing but we break it down for you in this episode.  We tackle the Italian wine classifications from Table Wine up to the highest level: DOCG.  In addition, we talk about our favorite and the most popular white and red grapes you will find in Italy.


At the end of this podcast you will be drinking like a local!


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Season One Episode Two - Cacio e Pepe

November 27, 2017

Join us as we dive into our favorite Roman pasta dish: Cacio e Pepe!


We talk about the origins of this famous pasta dish and get into the convoluted history of when pasta was invented, where black pepper is from, and the ancient origins of Pecorino Romano - the famous cheese from Lazio.  


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Season One Episode One - Introduction to Eat Drink Live Local

November 27, 2017

Hello and welcome to Eat Drink Live Local.  This podcast is brought to you by Ashley and Alex of In Pursuit of Adventure and it is all about our pursuit of localism across the globe!  


Listen along as we dive into Italy for Season One!


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